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Based on the experience of its founding members in the internet and tourism industries, Trip-Europe.euŽ is becoming fast one of the most dynamic companies in Europe in the Online Travel Industry.

Trip-Europe.euŽ seizes the opportunities and new distribution channels that have been opened by the Internet by providing technology for selected lodging properties to distribute their room inventory and reach users directly.

It is our policy to describe each property with as much detail as possible. Each property has its own web site consisting of 5 pages. There is a profile and description of the property, details on the distribution of the accommodation, directions, in-house services and also the facilities in the surrounding areas.

Each property has its selected group of pictures, generally taken by our travel professionals or sent by our collaborators instead. We feature external areas, common inside areas, apartments or room. As we believe that illustrating even the non conventional details (such a bathroom or details) helps our users to make the right choice.

Trip-Europe.euŽ puts the guest in direct contact with properties. Guests “converse" directly with the property, allowing the property’s reservation staff to give first hand personal care and to "fuss over" their clientele, unlike impersonal online reservation services.

Each establishment featured in Trip-Europe.euŽ has been evaluated by our Content Team prior to been included in this website. However, if by any chance users find that we host a property that should not be in Trip-Europe.euŽ, they can get in touch with Trip-Europe.euŽ Content Team at; because although we usually check our collaborating properties, anything could happen since the last time it was checked.

Last but not least, no one of the featured properties pays to be in Trip-Europe.euŽ. This is a guarantee because a property should be evaluated by the Trip-Europe.euŽ Content Team to be listed.

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