The House At The Three Storks * * * * *

20, Tomasska , 11800 - Prague - Central Bohemia - Czech Republic

A perfect harmony of renaissance interiors and the most contemporary designs, right in the centre of historic Prague. A luxurious boutique hotel, recently renovated, with unique ambiance. They have been able to conserve the architectural elements of the 18th century - including its authentic gothic ceilings from the 15th century - and integrate contemporary style and comfort with clean lines and natural materials. Stone, wood, metal and glass in every corner, even though what stands out most are the illuminated stones of the reception desk and the bar counter. The style of The House At The Three Storks - which owes its name to the traditional belief that the stork is a harbinger of good luck, will surprise you with its originality and ample spaces.

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  • Accommodations:

    • 20 rooms & suites

    • Wi-fi Internet access

    • Flat screen TV

    • DVD players

    • Minibar

  • Dining options:

    • Restaurant "Wallenstein"

  • Meeting facilities:

    • Conference room for up to 28 people

  • Other facilities or services:

    • PC available with Internet access

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Double Room
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