Hotel General Alava * * *

Gasteiz, 79 , 1009 - Vitoria - Basque Country - Spain

Hotel General Alava is a place truly recommended because is that kind of European hotel from the fifties that give the feeling of a place with a personal touch from the owners, which is something you do not exactly nowadays find in chain hotels. Vitoria is a city, the same as Bilbao, not very tourist but if you go there, the hotel General Alava is a good place to stay. The location is convenient and the rooms are comfortable and spacious. It is also not a big hotel, which is nice. This hotel is not luxurious but is well kept and the staff is very friendly, always ready to welcome you and assist in any way they can. From the hotel General Alava you can visit most of the city on foot, or in any case is best to take a taxi, but try to avoid driving, because just as you should not have any problem finding a parking space almost in front of the hotel, it will not be the same in the downtown area, which is not more 10 or 15 minutes walking from the hotel. There is a cafeteria at the hotel, which is not bad, but being in the Pais Vasco, with such rich gastronomy, specialized mainly in fish (since they are on the Atlantic coast) it is practically a must to venture out and try any of the local restaurants, anywhere downtown.

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  • Accommodations:

    • 107 rooms & suites

    • Wifi Internet access

    • Free Minibar

  • Dining options:

    • Breakfast room

    • AC Bar

    • 24-hour room service

  • Meeting facilities:

    • 5 Meeting rooms

  • Sports/Relaxation facilities and services:

    • Fitness centre

  • Other facilities or services:

    • Business facilities

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