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Librije's Hotel * * * * *
1, Spinhuisplein , 8011 ZZ , Zwolle
Librije's Hotel is established in what used to be the women’s’ prison in the city of Zwolle, the Spinhuis. This monumental building was used practically without interruption from 1740 to 2004 for the housing of prisoners. The requirements dictated with reference to housing, airing, security and care of the prisoners in combination with the increase of the prison population and the changing views regarding punishment, resulted in various radical renovations of the building. After restoration and redesign under the leadership of Jonnie en Thérèse the doors of Librije's Hotel opened in 2008. Many of the original elements of the prison were kept intact and combined with a modern design in the hotel. Apart from the Hotel, this monumental building also contains restaurant Librije’s Zusje which was awarded its second Michelin star in November 2011, the cooking and wine school Librije’s Atelier (Librije’s Studio) and Librije’s Wine bar which you can find in the vaulted basements of the Hotel.
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